Available Software

Generally, all AFMG Software is available to educational institutions under AFMG Foundation license. Please see below to select appropriate
licensing scheme.

Prices and Available Products

Educational Licenses Supported by the Foundation

The following special conditions and prices apply to educational licenses:

  • All Foundation Licenses are sold in packages of 5 seats.
  • A Foundation License will always be the largest version of any software purchased.
    (e.g. "Pro" including all available modules)
  • Pricing is identical for all programs: 800 EUR / 5 seats (net).
  • When two or more packages of seats are purchased simultaneously, a 10% discount applies.
  • The discount is granted even if the packages are purchased from different programs.
  • Foundation Licenses receive only technical/licensing support.

The following software products from the ranges of acoustical simulation and audio measurement may be purchased under Foundation License:


  • EASE - Electro-Acoustic Simulator for Engineers
  • AFMG SoundFlow - Sound Absorption and Transmission Loss Simulator
  • AFMG Reflex - Reflection, Scattering and Diffusion Simulator
  • EASE Evac - Fast Design of Acoustic Evacuation Systems


  • EASERA - Electronic and Acoustic System Evaluation and Response Analyis
  • SysTune - Live Sound Measurements in Real Time


Licenses for Research Purposes

Universities and other institutions performing research in an educational context may purchase all regular AMFG software at reduced prices:

  • Licenses for research purposes are available in steps of 1 "User Key".
  • Research Licenses receive a 25% discount off the regular prices listed in the official AFMG pricelist.
  • This applies to all AFMG software products.
  • Hardware, shipping etc. cannot be discounted.
  • All conditions of normal AFMG sales apply.
  • Research Licenses receive regular AFMG support just as commercially purchased software would.


Licenses for Commercial Use

If universities intend to use AFMG software commercially, no discounts will be applicable. Purchases can be performed through the AFMG Online Store or by normal proposal & invoice.


If you have any questions or would like to make an inquiry, please send an email to: sales@afmg.eu.

Please note: Due to the nature of our organization we can only offer technical support.

Ordering a Software Package

To take advantage of the educational discount please provide us with information to verify your teaching status by filling out this order form: